Reflection On 2009

22 Dec

Here we are at the end of another year. As tradition dictates, many of us reflect on the past year and ponder what the New Year will bring.

The local and world events of 2009 will not soon be forgotten as so many dear friends, family members, and acquaintances were affected by some of the worst economic conditions in history. As we close this holiday season, with a little less than a bang, many of us are reflecting on the simple things in life, like family, a roof over our heads and even a steady paycheck.

Some close friends and I spent an afternoon over tea discussing what we truly appreciated about this past year. In doing so, we recognized that much of what we were thankful for was not the material possessions and a big fat 401K (which dropped to nothing and is now slowly recovering). Rather, the things we were most thankful for were healthy changes that we all made during this economic down turn.    

The first hot topic, home cooked meals. Fresh cooked, healthy, homemade meals were at the top of the “thankful” list. With less disposable income, many of us choose to make home cooked meals rather than eat out on a regular basis. Though this took some additional effort and personal planning, the end result was healthier choices and happier families. The overwhelming consensus was that more time was spent at the dinner table engaged in quality discussions that reinforced positive family interactions. Tip; learn to love your crock pot!

Next on the “thankful” list was creative fitness time. While many of us dropped our gym membership to save some dough during times of uncertainty, we all found new ways to get our fitness on. Power walking around the neighborhood, walking our pets, and intense cardio work outs in our living rooms did the trick…the result, we all realized that tough we love the gym; we can actually live without it. A creative solution for some of us was to purchase pedometers and heart monitors. These fantastic tools can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a month’s gym membership. This was a learning experience that I am glad I had to opportunity to live through, though I must admit that I am back at the gym 4 times a week now and loving every moment of it.

Last but not least on our “thankful” list was a realization of how important it is to prioritize the important things in life. Having the latest fashion, gadget, home good, or the newest pair of Christian Louboutin shoes just does not seem as important as it did two years ago. Rather, most of us have learned the ways of being the epitome of frugal fashionista, money wise house wife or money savvy career gal. Regardless of who we are, we all put our own spin on not only saving money and reprioritizing our lives, but also adding a greater level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in all that we do on a daily basis.

What changes did you make during 2009? Are these changes sustainable? Share your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


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