Looking Forward To 2010

1 Jan

As I was poking around on the internet today, I noticed a lot of chatter about what has happened over the last 10 Years as well as last year. The trending topics on Twitter were #10yearsago, Y2K, Goodbye 2009, #09memories and so on. There was a couple trending topic about welcoming in the New Year and so forth.

This made me think (yet again!) about the past decade and all of the good and bad things that have happened. So I decided that I am totally going to step into that rabbit hole and first share a little personal insight then fill you in on how I am looking forward to 2010!

I had horrifically scary moment in December of 2006 that changed by life forever. I had just gotten home from travelling abroad for work, I had a 6 week stay in a foreign country that is less developed than the U.S., that said, I got sick but refused to go to the doctor. I got better, finished my assignment then came home. Within three weeks of getting home, I was sick again but thought “hay, I got better last time” so there I was still pushing myself to work and get back into my life back in the U.S. Then it happened, I got deathly ill and landed myself in the hospital, near death. Turns out, I had a real big problem on my hands and it needed to be taken care of right away. Emergency surgery was performed within hours of being admitted. When that whole ordeal was over, I decided right then and there to do things differently from that point forward. I went back to school, got divorced, bought a new house, got a new job and a there I was! I found happiness all over again.  

This year will be yet another turning point for me. I am in a position to move forward with my career. You see, for the past three and half years I have been a full time student trying to finish what I started many years ago. Can I get a show of hands from all of the divorced people that wish they had focused on their education many years ago!? Should, coulda, woulda, right! With the recent economic situation, individuals just like me are finding that just being the smart chick (or dude) has not been enough to secure the employment, without a degree, many of us have been stuck finding less that what we desire for employment.

Unlike me, I would hope that it would not take a life changing event to get you to focus on what you need as an individual. Whether it is education, love, health, or other area that you feel is lacking or could be better in your life…what is stopping you? Have you ever sat alone pondering life, then wondered “what if?”…suddenly you find yourself feeling guilty for thinking that right? Well I did! And I have to admit, getting over that guilt was the only thing that led me back to school full time. I finish this summer.

What prevents you from going back to school? Can 2010 be your turning point whereby you say “enough is enough” and you begin to focus on what you need? Do you have a cheerleader to help you in your resolve to get your education? Do you know how to gain access to information about how to return to school as an adult? These are all things to consider, and the first steps in the process of looking forward to 2010.

Happy New Years! Cheers!


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