Guilty Pleasure!

2 Feb

So I was just sitting here in front of my computer thinking that I need to start writing again. There are so many great blogs out there that I’ve been reading. Everyone talking about the Grammy’s and fashion, beauty, makeup and just all sorts of beautiful things! I wanna talk about beauty and stuff too!!! Haha!

The one thing that prompted me to log in to my wordpress this week is that I recently started using Babor’s Sea Creation Concentrate and Sea Creation Rich Cream, retail price on these are respectively $262.00 and $450.00. These products are actually really nice…the consistency is about what I would expect for a treatment serum and ultra rich cream and they smell wonderful, as do all Babor products, so no surprises there. I’m about two weeks into the products and can honestly say that I don’t see a huge difference, which is to be expected at this point, but I totally feel a difference.

My skin, which is normally super dry, has become smoother and more elastic. The results are pretty impressive in the sense that normally when I apply my makeup I have to go super light otherwise my laugh line become more defined no matter what I do. With the Sea Creations even the thickest application of my powder based mineral makeup looks absolutely flawless.  Based on my observations, the results appear to be associated more with what is happening under the skin.  I like the results so far and will stick with it until I run out of the product.

My vote on this one is simple, Guilty Pleasure! If you can afford it, it is worth it as I can only imagine that the results will become more visible over time. Would I buy it again? It’s more than a little pricy for me, but I totally would if I could afford it. Otherwise, Peter Thomas Roth’s Mega Rich Cream is a fantastic alternative if your primary concerns are anti-age and dry skin, and the consistency of that is much like Crème de la Mer which is really popular with us older divas!

Babor Sea Creations is available many places but the manufacturer has a website that you can purchase products from as well at or you can go right to the Sea Creations page.

XOXO ~ BeautyTrix


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