Top 4 Winter Skin Facts – Fact or Fable?

11 Feb

Fact or Fable #1: Drink lots of water for healthy looking skin.

Fable! Drinking plenty of water is always great advice. As school kids we learn that the average person has a water content of about 70%, so we know from the time we are kids that consuming liquid is necessary to sustain life. Water consumption in proper amounts hydrates our internal organs and is vital for our overall health but there is little scientific evidence that water does much for our skin. Thus, applying topical moisturizer is important for your skins health all year round. I always suggest using products that are richer in the winter and lighter in the summer. Look for products that contain antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients.

Fact or Fable #2: A hot shower is healthy for your skin.

Fable! Hot showers feel wonderful, but the fact of the matter is that a good hot shower will actually dry out your skin. The heat from the shower zaps your skin of its natural oils and it dehydrates your skin leaving it tight, itchy, ashy, and in some cases cracked and painful. Use warm water and limit your time in the shower to less than 15 minutes, if you can pull off a shower in 5-10 minutes, you are on the right track. Always moisturize right after your shower to maximize the hydrating benefits of your chosen body lotion.

Fact or Fable #3: Winter indoor heating systems can dry your skin.

Fact! Indoor heating wreaks havoc on your winter skin. The warm heated air is dry and it reduces the natural humidity in the air and your skin. This dry air can sometimes even cause individuals to experience dryness in the eyes and nose to the point that OTC solutions must be used (eye drops, saline solutions, etc.). Humidifiers can work wonders in terms of getting that moisture back into the air and can help your skin to not get so dry.

Fact or Fable #4: SPF is not as important in the winter and it is in the summer.

Fable! SPF is important 365 days a year, rain or shine! The sun rays penetrate the cloud layer and can cause sun damage to your skin in both the summer and the winter. Protect your skin daily to reduce the effects of the sun on your skin, and to help prevent early signs of aging.

Do you have a fact or fable you wish to share? Please feel free to leave a post or comment.



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