Health and beauty come from within, what we put into our bodies and how we feed our mind as well as our soul will resonate through our outer beauty. The healthful glow achieved by many can be yours for the taking! Though topical treatments do wonders for the skin there is much more to beauty than what is on the outside.

Eating a healthful diet, participating in regular (daily) exercise and a balanced approach to life, these are all areas in which so many forget to indulge themselves. So many of us eat on the run, exercise when we have time, and work until we drop! Whether you are a self defined domestic diva, stay at home parent, or a career person…how much time do you allow yourself to focus on things important for your own well being?

If there are skin care tips, life tips, recipes or anything else that you really enjoy or would like to see more of, let me know. I will be incorporating new content often to keep our topics fresh and interesting.

Email me any time if you would like more information on a topic,  I can be reached at beautytrix @ live[dot]com

Beauty is an experience. Find the experience that makes you happy!





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